Enhancing IoT Security through Device-to-Device Authentication

Author: Rafał Kochanowski, 3mdeb In the contemporary digital realm, the principle of multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become a cornerstone, especially in sectors like banking. Traditionally,…

Cybersecurity is a Community Effort

Author: David Purón, Barbara IoT  Undoubtedly, deploying Internet of Things (IoT)-connected devices, whether they are sensors, edge gateways, or large equipment, presents significant challenges in…

Enhancing Security in Agricultural UAVs: The Power of Remote Attestation

Author: Malvina Catalano, CYSEC In today's modern agricultural landscape, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as agricultural drones, are revolutionizing the way farmers operate.…

TEEs are not Silver Bullets

Author: David Cerdeira, University of Minho Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) are secure execution environments that provide hardware-based isolation and protection for Trusted Applications (TAs…

Media Hits - Digital

Portuguese:"Universidade do Minho participa em projeto de cibersegurança com financiamento de 4,6 milhões de euros"SAPOTEK; AICEP; PC-GUIA; BUSINESS.IT; PME MAGAZINE; ALGORITMI; EXAME INFORMÁTICA."…

We are open, but formal

Authors: Aljosa Pasic and Marco Roveri A manifesto is a name usually given to a public declaration of beliefs, principles, and intentions, often issued by a group or individual, proposing…

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Embedded World 2023

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