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REWiring the ComposItional Security VeRification and AssurancE of Systems of Systems Lifecycle

REWIRE envisions a holistic framework for continuous security assessment and management of open-source and open-specification hardware and software for IoT devices, throughout their entire lifecycle, under the zero-trust concept, adhering to the security-by-design principle and providing cybersecurity certification. 



IoT Trust and Identity Management Framework

ERATOSTHENES aims to solve critical obstacles considering “Security of Things” as core to the future IoT success. The project envisions to develop a decentralized and contextual Trust and Identity Management Framework for resource-restricted IoT environments following a self-sovereign approach.

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Open-source ReSilient Hardware and software for Internet of thiNgs

How to design embedded and connected devices taking advantage of open source hardware (and software)



aCtive sEcurity foR connecTed devIces liFecYcles

CERTIFY defines a methodological, technological, and organizational approach towards IoT security lifecycle management