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The University of Wuerzburg (JMU), located in the city of Wuerzburg, Bavaria, Germany, is a renowned public research university. It has a rich history, having been founded in 1402, and is widely respected for its academic excellence and research capabilities. The university is particularly well known for its strong commitment to computer science education and research, with a well-established department that maintains numerous partnerships with industry and government institutions. The Security of Software Systems Group led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Dmitrienko is actively engaged in various research areas of security, including software security and IoT security.

JMU is taking the lead in driving the development of new, novel, trusted services, as well as specifying extension primitives that meet the specific requirements of Domain-Specific Hardware Architectures. In addition to its primary responsibility, JMU contributes its expertise in other areas of the project, such as designing the Open Specification of the CROSSCON Stack.
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University of Wuerzburg