Universita di trento

The University of Trento, with slightly more than 50 years since its foundation, ranks consistently among the top Italian universities. The Computer Science Department ranked 84 in the European QS World Ranking 2016 and 91 worldwide in the THE rankings 2019. In 2018 our department has been awarded a research excellence grant in the area of Industrial and Computer Engineering by the Ministry of Research and Education. The research team is internationally recognized in cybersecurity and has a significant experience in the security of networks and systems.

UNITN is the scientific coordinator of CROSSCON and leader of the design, specifications, and assurance workpackage (WP2). It also leads the technical activities on the security of bare metal devices as well as building a trusted toolchain for TEEs (WP3). UNITN takes also part in the dissemination and exploitation activities with an active role in building a community around the topics covered by the project.
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University of Trento