The University of Minho (UMINHO) is a public research university in Braga and Guimarães, Portugal. It was established in 1973 and is considered one of the country's youngest and most dynamic universities. The university is recognized for its research and innovation activities and has partnerships and collaborations with institutions and companies worldwide. The Embedded Systems Research Group (ESRG) lab, located at the School of Engineering, specializes in designing, developing, and implementing embedded systems covering a wide range of areas such as real-time systems, cyber-physical systems, networked embedded systems, and reconfigurable systems. The group has been actively developing cyber-security solutions for the next generation of IoT devices, including virtualization and hardware security.

UMINHO is the leader of the WP3 - Development of the CROSSCON stack. Primary responsibilities within the WP3 are the development of the CROSSCON TEE Isolation and Abstraction, and the CROSSCON Hypervisor. It also provides support in technical activities for Domain-Specific Hardware Architectures (WP4). UMINHO also has an active role in the dissemination and exploitation activities, leading the dissemination and communication tasks covered by the project.
Full name
The University of Minho