Synergies with REWIRE

CROSSCON and the Horizon Europe project REWIRE (REWiring the ComposItional Security VeRification and AssurancE of Systems of Systems Lifecycle) have joined forces to tackle security challenges across the heterogeneous IoT landscape. We'll be working together towards a safer and more secure IoT ecosystem! 

The REWIRE project aims to establish a comprehensive framework for continuous security assessment of open-source and open-specification hardware and software for IoT devices. It also seeks to develop cybersecurity certification that adheres to the EU's Cybersecurity Act3 guidelines. With a scalable and multifunctional cybersecurity platform, the project will ensure continuous security auditing, trusted computing, and theorem proofs for defining a hardware-based microarchitecture for enhanced protection. REWIRE will establish a certification procedure for audited software and hardware components, proposing new software security metrics, and using Blockchain and smart contracts to establish trust between stakeholders. The project also aims to expand traditional cyber assurance models to account for both open-source hardware and software assets. REWIRE's three pilots (Automotive, Smart Cities, Smart Satellites) will address ambitious objectives such as customizable TEE based on RISC-V and micro benchmarking for quick and automated assessment of hardware vulnerability. Ultimately, the project aims to safeguard the entire secure processing workflow, from deployment and operation of software-based SoSes to patch management during run-time. It will provide new trust management mechanisms towards the auditability and certification of software/hardware open-source specifications.