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CYSEC is a Swiss cybersecurity company providing a Confidential Computing software solution which enables companies to secure workloads execution. We ​ help companies to securely deploy their application with highly sensitive data in industries such as financial services, edge applications and space. Our core team has competences in offensive and defensive IT security, software development, embedded hardware and cryptography.

Based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne Switzerland, CYSEC has managed since its inception to develop ARCA Trusted OS, a container-specific confidential computing environment, today commercialized with different deployment options from the cloud to the Edge.

CYSEC provides its IoT security solution to enrich CROSSCON stack and/or validate its operation in relevant operational scenarios. CYSEC will also lead the Integration of CROSSCON components and extension primitives developed in WP3 and W4 for the different platforms and testbed environments of the identified use cases, according to a dedicated integration plan.
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